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Marianne Naughton


Best wishes,



Hi! We've met yesterday! This is me and my email.

I love your web! It's clear and beautiful. Hope to see your new works here soonly. HAHAHA

charlene campbell

one day I'll get a chance to come out and see your work. You were always good even back in grade school:D

charlene campbell

good morning, how are you? I'm not on the computer that much, that's why i got 7,000 emails. But I just wanted to say Happy birthday early b/c I might not be on the computer when your birthday does come around. Charlene Campbell



Thank you for sharing your gift -- passion. Phenomenal Woman you are!!


Sherwin Whitaker1

Tia your work with our youth was fantastic. The pieces that you guys created we hope to keep for a long time here at our our school. From the looks of this page and what you have done thus far with my youth, greatness is routine to you. Excellent job, Thanks!

Carla Bank

Tia, I love your art and your story :) I stumbled into your Bullfrog video because I painted the White Sox frog. I used to live in River Forest and I am very familiar with all the galleries at Harrison St. You did an AMAZING work with the Bull, I posted the link on my Facebook page and EVERYBODY wants to know who did it, now I can tell them!! I can't wait to meet you when they install the frogs at Oakbrook center. Hope I can see you there!! Carla


Your art, in all its manifestations, captivates, Tia! Watching BullFrog come to life has been icing on the cake.

Delores Thompson

The water as a wall paper is very soothing. Have yet to view the Frog video but that is my next stop. Stay well and blessed!



Love your site! Your work depicts the exploration of all your many different sides, and your choice to create work that is revealing, honest and vulnerable is, in my mind, the measure of a true artist. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again for the interview. 


Tia !!! Love the site and you know we miss you terribly!!!! .Kuznkin just suggested last night, that I wear one my most favorite sets of jewelry that I purchased from you...I am speaking of the black and copper necklace and bracelet set with the hammered, copper heart charm. I love all of your pieces that I own, but I love these pieces so much, that I only wear them on special occasions. Sooooooo, Imma rock them on Christmas day and like always, they will attract the attention that they truly deserve. Keep doing you thang.....!!!!! I love you and your creative, beautiful mind. Kisses. Tee :P

Charles Hilson

Exceptional site and artist.



I love the puppits.

Lee Rusch

You rock Tia Etu!!


You are on FIRE!

Libby Talaber

I have always enjoyed looking at your artwork

Maritza Nazario/En Las Tablas Performing Arts

Hi Tia!

Love your website! Would love to stop and visit! Haven't seen you in a while! Take care!

carmella lewis

The art gallery is great! Fantastic work!

Marci Frazie

I love what you do. And I love you!!!!!



Charity Piet Miska

Tia, Your new site looks great!


nice page i like it


Hi Tia, I do believe that you are off to a running start. Your work is fabulous and the web site simply enhances your creativity. Congratulations!

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