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         College began for me in 1979 majoring in Commercial Art. After two years of study and training in that field I realized I wanted to do art for art sake! I decided to learn as much about as many mediums as possible. I studied Woodshop, Photography, Fiber Art, light metals but mostly Paintings and Drawings which is why it’s natural for me to mix mediums in my work. Passion is thehuman condition and in pursuit of this passion, I have been taken to the homes, museums, down the back alleyways of different cultures in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Zacatecas and Brazil to date. I travelled to Brazil for one month as an Ambassador of the Arts, linking Brazilian and American culture together.                                            



The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

September 1979 – June 1986



Bachelors of Fine Arts {BFA}



1980 - 1981 School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1979 - 1980 School of the Art Institute of Chicago





 The Joseph Shapiro Award Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

 Ambassador of the arts  ( in Brazil ) bringing cultures together to create peace through art

 West Town Links Honored for black history month





 o       Artist                                                   Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Murals and Jewelry·

 o      Teacher                                    Art and Puppet making classes

 o        Art Restoration                                 Painting, Sculpting, and Objects

 o      Puppeteer                                Creation and performance

 o      Set design                               Milkweed, King and I,  Whatever Comes To

                                                           Mind  Puppets·        

 o      Illustration                                Logos, Brochures, Childrens books, Objects


 Work Experience:                                                                                      

Teaching                                                         Contractual - Art Teacher

September 1989 / Present

o   Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital animation, Murals and Puppet making classes in the Chicago land area

o   Private and suburban schools.

Able/Disabled Students (Mentally and Physically Challenged)

K -thru- 12th grade

o   Senior citizens         


Art Restoration:

Liparini Art Restoration

June 2002 / September 2006

o   Repair paintings with holes, rips and cracks

o   Strengthen deteriorated canvas with strip lining

o   Repaint missing pieces of sculptures

o   Repair molding on frames


Commercial Artist:

NSC Corporation                                                                                        

October 1989 / September 1992

o   Photographed inventory

o   Designed logos

o   Set up displays for conventions

o   Developed illustrations for catalogues and flyers


 Art Director:

McCormick Place                                                                                         

August 1985 / September 1989

o   Illustration for Chicago, “ My Kind Of Town” catalogues

o   Window display for “ My Kind Of Town "

o   Sales and inventory


 Art Exhibitions:                                                   

 o       U.I.C.  African American Cultural Center

 o      Academia Universal, Parana, Brazil

 o      Joseph Shapiro Gallery

 o       Gallery D’ Estee

 o       Gallery Guichard Chicago, Il

 o       Hawkeye Gallery, Waterloo, IA

 o       Oak Park Village Hall

 o       Gallery 27, Chicago, IL

 o       Art Exchange, Chicago, IL

 o       Noyes Gallery, Evanston, IL

 o       Sullivan Gallery, Oak Park, IL

 o       Oak Park Hospital Gallery, Oak Park, IL

 o       Oak Park Main Library, Oak Park, IL

 o       Whatever Comes To Mind Gallery, Oak Park, IL


Please note that I’ve owned my own Gallery for 13 years. I’ve been showing my paintings and drawings in different galleries for the last year and a half. The experience has been wonderful. The emotion my work evokes in people are from joy to tears. This puts the process of creating art (for art sake) totally in perspective for me.                                                          


Puppet Performances:                                                         

 I have performed puppet theatre since 1989.   Everything was made from scratch so that they were created with their own personal look, from the puppets to the wonderful sets, voices and sound effects.  Today I run into young adults who remember Whatever Comes to Mind Puppets from when they were younger with joy and wonderment. I have performed in many venues but mostly schools. Below is a short list.


o  Channel 9  (Around Town Cable Channel)      The Children’s Museum

 Channel 66  (Read me a Story                          Village Players

 Apollo Theatre                                                    o  Evanston Hospital

 Wellington Theatre                                             o  South Shore Cultural

 The Field Museum                                                  Center

 Dusable Museum                                                o  Trinity Church

 Lincoln Park Zoo                                                 o   C.H.A.

 Avenue Bank                                                       and many more..




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