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           Hello,  I am a visual art teacher mastering in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Puppet making, Mask making, Jewelry, Murals and Digital animation. I have taught in Chicago and Oak Park since 1989. I’ve studied art in Chicago, Paris, London, Zacatecas and served for a time as an Ambassador of the Arts in Brazil.


My lifelong endeavor has been to improve the quality of the human behavior and experience. I do this through art whether I’m creating it or teaching it.  My objective in teaching art is to build young minds and imaginations by teaching them how to create from what’s inside of them and how to incorporate that with technical skills.

I was a troubled child who had a hard life. Art came into my life when I was in the 7th grade. I was being punished for something I did probably talking. I had to stay in for recess and was sent to the principals office. While sitting in the office I was asked  could I draw Mickey mouse for a bulletin board. I did and got great praise for it. I have been creating art and staying out of trouble ever since. Art has always made me feel I had a purpose and is the reason I have been as successful as I am. That's what I pass on to my students even If art is not going to be their career it can always give them peace.

I teach students from K thru 12 which includes special needs students. I also teach  senior citizens.


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